10 best food and drink-related places don’t miss it next year


New Year party planned? So the next best thing to think about is the culinary pleasures you must indulge in 2017. Restaurants, cafes, food pop-ups, culinary workshops, food trails. Clearly, food is on everyone’s mind in India, more than ever before, as innovative independents make their presence felt and the food scene gets diverse. That’s not all. Some food-related events are touted as must-attend and everyone’s gung-ho about visit this out. So what are the 10 best food and drink related things you must not miss next year in India? And fret not, in days of cash crunch, one can head to these with plastic currency, without actually having to use pink notes. You can check this out for the health importance of the food.


Carnivores living in Mumbai or those visiting Mumbai, cannot possibly go through 2017 without sampling the sumptuous Bohrithaal at The Bohri Kitchen or TBK as it is popularly called. Nafisa Kapadia, the lady with magic in her fingers will treat you to a repast, which you may have never experienced before. TBK is an experimental lunch concept where a maximum of 14 people (one needs to send a request) get invited for a mouth-watering six-course Bohri meal at the Kapadias’ home in Colaba. Smoked keema samosas and the two-day marinated raan, among other dishes, are bound to transport you into a food coma. You truly are God’s chosen one, if you get to eat this meal!

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