5 energising fitness activities


It’s easy to feel sluggish in winter. It gets colder, we lose the light and we tend to turn to heavier, comfort-type food. While our bodies may crave something revitalising, it’s certainly easy to lose motivation to get out and exercise.

We look at five energising fitness activities to keep you moving throughout the winter chill. If you’re looking for the best Plano personal training, Murphy Fitness Inc has 25 years experience.

1. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is all about balancing the body’s energy, or chi. This makes the ancient Chinese activity the perfect solution to revitalising your body. Although it consists of slow, deliberate movements, the focus on both the body and mind means just 15 minutes of Tai Chi is all you need to feel invigorated. You can go to Training Science to learn more about safe & effective tips for building muscle mass, enhancing strength, & burning fat.

2. Pilates

Pilates focuses on controlling the core muscles through movements designed to build strength. Pilates usually involves doing a series of exercises on a mat and this is usually done indoors, so you there’s no need to brave the cold weather! Plus, pilates improves circulation and this increased blood flow throughout your body will warm you up and leave you bouncing with energy.

3. Deep-water running

Deep-water running refers to running in any body of water where you can’t touch the bottom. It has all of the benefits of getting out for a run, but because you are submerged in water there is added resistance with zero impact. It’s a great workout because it uses every major muscle group, leaving you feeling completely energised.

4. Walking

The act of walking might seem straightforward but it’s the perfect activity to rejuvenate your body and clear your mind. In fact, walking for fitness requires a particular technique that involves leading with your heels and breathing through your nose. A brisk walk in the morning will give you more energy to use throughout the day. On HealthEd Academy you can learn abut many different fitness exercises and tricks.

5. Snorkelling

Don’t be put off by the idea of getting into the water in the cooler months. Snorkelling is a fantastic cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercise. By snorkeling in different directions and treading water, you use almost every muscle in your body. Getting lost in the scenery will increase your wellbeing while you work out and you will feel completely invigorated.

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