AAP Vs Modi BJP Congress : A choice between reality and delusion


Pro-AAP arguments : There’s a manifesto, a vision document, constitution, clear rules of conduct and consequences of misconduct, books with deep root-cause analysis of the most pressing problems (Read Swaraj, I challenge u), proposed laws with the details fleshed out, clear roadmaps for the country if they get elected, candidates who are leaders with clear reputations themselves and who are not slaves of any big boss.

Even the dharna against UPA-govt-controlled-police’s apathy (rather, incentives) towards rape, bride-burning and prostitution;
(Women take note : Thousands of women in Delhi have gotten abused and murdered because of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi : Delhi Police has to report to them ultimately; the state govt was always out of the loop.)
..The resigning of Delhi govt after Congress back-stabbed them and blocked JanLokpal after having vowed full support (funny how the complete betrayal never gets reported)…
…it was all as per the basic principles written down; and not arbitrary. The failure-tags are externally imposed by media by deliberately omitting vital details. They have the answers, fleshed out with full details, to EVERY question ever thrown at them, and can take on a full live QnA or debate.
Pro-Modi arguments : Country has so and so unsolvable problems, all these other people can’t solve them, THEREFORE Modi = Our Only Hope (OOH!). He’s the man-with-the-plan, but no one has any idea whatsoever what the plan actually is. “He will bring more development” is NOT a valid plan, FYI. How? Details? Wiping out all the forests? Killing all tribals in the name of stamping out Naxalites? What?? The coward can’t even handle a live QnA or a debate that hasn’t been rigged, because he’s himself following orders of his bosses (now you know why it’s important to know who’s funding BJP and Congress??)

How can we consider these on any equal level? One is with all details laid out, the other is a magic viagara-pill that’s going to set everything upright if you just close your eyes and swallow… it’s a choice between reality and delusion.

Mili Thakur