AAP’s ‘Goldmine’ Has a Dubious Dubai Connection.


Once again the somnolent BJP has been caught napping.  Their top brass and India’s intelligence agencies failed to investigate Kejri’s dubious Dubai connection. That explains why  the  comatose BJP  brass are in trouble over the much debated  pro-AAP tilt in the  ongoing  Delhi Aessmbly elections.


It is public knowledge that on December 7, 2014, Kejriwal was felicitated by a Dubai-based shadowy organization , ‘World Brands Summit’ with great fanfare. He was infamously flown in the Business Class courtesy his Dubai-based money bags.  While the Indian media latched on to the gross impropriety of a  self-proclaimed representative  the ‘aam aadmi’ of India in Business Class they failed to read the tea leaves of AAP’s Dubai connection and the ‘wah-wah’ of Kejri’s admirers nestling in the Pak Occupied Kashmir  –  as highlighted by a gutsy Baloch columnist Aamna Shahwni in the well known Kabul-based newspaper Afghanistan Times, on March 4, 2014 (cited in my article Kejri Files, first edition).

Kejriwal’s coronation by the World Brands Summit  was also publicised in the Khaleej Times, a popular newspaper published from the Gulf.

The Economic Times  report further  added that after  receiving the award  of ‘Asia’s Most Inspiring and  Young Change-Maker  at the World Brands Summit Kejri will also pay obeisance at Gurudwara Nanak Dwar, Dubai.

Subsequently the youth inspiring  King Kejri was slated to proceed to New York where his admirers intended interaction with various groups of the Indian community.  A statement issued by the AAP clarified that no “official fund raising has been organized by the party during Kejriwal’s trip of the US also. However, the NRIs willing to become a part of the transparent donations for the AAP are welcome to contribute in accordance with party’s norms displayed on the website”.

Although Zee Business, NDTV Good Times and  Radio City  were tom-tommed as the Media,  Radio and Print partners of the ” World Brands Summit – 2014″ the origin and funding of the outfit was clothed in the cloak of secrecy. Apparently the organizers of the Summit had roped in  some well known publicity-oriented business entities.  No  attempt was made by our voluble media, nor intelligence agencies to know  how many similar awards were conferred on comparable  ‘inspiring  young change-makers’ by the Dubai-based admirers of Kejriwal and his shadowy politico-communal creation “The AAP”.   It may be pointed out that according to an online Muslim donor  of AAP, operating under the codename, ‘Qayyum, the Endian’  the Muslims should support Kejriwal because he has emerged as another “Jaychand” who will again facilitate the Islamic conquest of  India.

The latest discovery of fake-funding of AAP to the tune of Rs two crores on a single day by at least 4 bogus companies has torn apart the black burka of Kejri.  According to knowledgeable sources  this is only a tip of the iceberg!

For several years Dubai has been an important toehold of radical Islam. Let us not forget that Dubai has been the second home of India’s ace enemy, Dawood Ibrahim.

Hopefully sometime, some day, Indian intelligence agencies and our investigatioin-oriented media mandarins will wake up to the phenomenon of  hundreds of Hindu baiters strutting across Dubai and other storm-centres of Islamofascism,  located in the Gulf countries.  Period.

NEW DELHI: AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal will be felicitated at the World Brands Summit at Dubai on December 7, and will also address the Abu Dhabi chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), the party today said.

Kejriwal is leaving for Dubai on Thursday afternoon and will be accompanied by party leader and senior Supreme Court lawyer HS Phoolka.

They will also pay obeisance at Gurudwara Nanak Dwar, Dubai.

On Saturday, Kejriwal will receive the award of Asia’s most inspiring and young social change maker at World Brands Summit.

Thereafter, he will proceed to New York, where his IIT batchmates and AAP supporters have planned interactions with the Indian community on Sunday.


He is also expected to address a gathering of students during his two-day stay in New York.

Mili Thakur