Aditya Roy Kapur: Am I single now just chilling

‘Aditya Roy Kapur is your quintessential Mumbai boy — casual, cool, unstarry, unassuming and funny. In an industry where being politically correct is the unwritten norm, his spontaneous repartees come as a breath of fresh air. In a freewheeling chat with BT, the young actor speaks about his upcoming film ‘OK Jaanu’, fitness, relationships and Katrina Kaif.

Despite your popularity, you are pleasantly unstarry…
Fame has affected me in a good way. The truth is, I never wanted to be an actor; I grew up like any other kid. I didn’t belong to the film industry, nor did I think ‘main hero banoonga’. I’ve worked my way up doing supporting roles. I took up London Dreams (2009) because it was shot abroad (smiles). I love to watch rock concerts live, but it’s impossible to live that way after becoming an actor. All in all, it has been a journey of self-discovery.

Are you excited about 2017?
Last year was full of ups and downs. When ‘Fitoor’ didn’t work, it affected me a lot. It hurts when a film doesn’t do well, as you put your heart and soul into it and expectations build up. Fortunately, I started shooting for ‘OK Jaanu’ within a month and that helped. There’s nothing like work to take your mind off setbacks. Now, I am nervous and excited as ‘OK Jaanu’ will release next week. But yes, it’s a nice way to start a year.


Do you have any New Year resolutions?
I don’t believe in making New Year resolutions, but I want to buy a house soon and spend more time with my family. I have strong willpower and when I decide to do something, I do it. I don’t need a particular day to make decisions.

What’s your equation with Katrina Kaif? There was news of you two seeing each other.
Sometimes, you go for dinner with a friend and things get blown out of proportion — that’s ridiculous. It’s like you can’t go to a friend’s house without being linked to her (Katrina). I don’t want to overthink and stop interacting with people because of this. After a while, you stop worrying about the repercussions and let people make their own assumptions. You get used to it; else, you won’t be able to have a conversation with anyone.

Are you saying that you are single?
Let’s just say, I am chilling at the moment and would like to continue doing that. I am not taking things too seriously; I am not in that zone right now.

You are known for your dedication to fitness. Even Parineeti Chopra joked on a show recently about you keeping a close eye on her weight…

I like to work out and eat healthy because cinema is a visual medium and I cannot show up on the set with a pot belly. You’ve got to look appealing, unless your character requires you to be otherwise. But I also know that it’s not just about having a chiselled body. Cinema is getting more character-driven, so every role doesn’t require six-pack abs. For instance, ‘Ok Jaanu’ didn’t require me to sport six-pack abs or get rid of my chest hair, as I play a normal guy in the film.

After ‘Aashiqui 2’, you will be rekindling your chemistry with Shraddha Kapoor…
‘Aashiqui 2’ was intense and Shraddha and I were excited to do ‘Ok Jaanu’ together, because it allows us to show a different side of ours to the audience. It’s an opportunity to get our off-screen camaraderie and humour on screen.
Since it’s a remake, does it bother you that there will be comparisons to the original (Ok Kanmani)?
It’s an advantage to know that you are making something that’s done well already. The story has worked, and that makes you confident. They (the actors in the original) have set the bar high, but we’ve tried to add our own essence to this film.

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