Adventure holidays and trips for 2014: Africa


If you’re considering booking a holiday then why not consider a luxury African holiday? It’ll have everything you could possibly want from a holiday and more. Whether you want to relax on a beautiful beach, head out on an exciting safari adventure or have the best of both worlds and combine the two, you can do so in this amazing destination.Also, Yellowstone RV Parks are surrounded by beautiful pine trees giving you the wonderful feeling of being at peace in the mountain forest. Also if you want to spend holidays in Iceland, then you need to know, how to Spend the winter holidays in Iceland. Similarly, ropes in canada is best for shipping.

However, Africa is also home to many other incredible experiences. Here you can find out five amazing things you can get up to whilst taking your trip of a lifetime. Tailor-made Botswana holidays offer an incredibly personal experience

1. A Gourmet Getaway
Foodies, look no further. You’ll fall head over heels for Africa’s sensational cuisine. South Africa, in particular, has some of the tastiest food in the world and if you’re an experimental eater then be sure to make the most of the delicious meat on offer. Ostrich, springbok and Kudu can be found on many of the menus in the restaurants here.

Africans love to ‘braai’ meat, a social custom that basically means to barbecue or roast. Your foodie experience won’t be complete without trying meat the South African way.

2. An Interesting History Lesson
If you love learning about things that happened long before your time, Africa won’t disappoint. The continent is steeped in history, from the impressive Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg to Nelson Mandela’s Robben Island prison cell.

Other than museums there are also historic buildings that make for great places of interest, including The Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town. This was built in the 1670s and is still in use today as a showcase of the Cape’s early days.

Educate yourself on Africa’s past and learn something new every day whilst holidaying in a truly fascinating destination.

3. A Once in a Lifetime Trek with Gorillas
Spend time with mountain and lowland gorillas on a trek like no other. This wonderful wildlife encounter will enable you to walk with these magnificent animals and create truly unforgettable memories.

These gorillas are only found in Uganda, Rwanda and The Congo, therefore this type of trek is not one that you can experience anywhere. If you have stamina, fitness and a lifelong dream to see gorillas in the wild then this magical encounter must make it onto your itinerary. It’ll be one of the best travel experiences you’ll have. While traveling you can use thermal scope for hunting. Click here about a list of best thermal scopes for hunting.

4. A Wonderful Whale Watching Experience
South Africa has whale watching opportunities that are incomparable. In the seas off the Cape you’ll see Southern Right Whales in their element, splashing and playing; a truly moving sight. Be sure to board a boat from Cape Town, Hermanus or Gansbaai to see these beautiful creatures up close. To find out what all those wonderful creatures look like up close (and what they look like when you see them from a whale watching boat), check out the san diego whale watching guide.

Whilst a holiday to Africa will be special in itself, a whale watching experience will create memorable moments that you can cherish for a lifetime. You can’t spot whales anywhere in the world so make the most of this opportunity whilst you can and catch amazing sights of these majestic mammals whilst on your trip.

5. A Road Trip to Remember
Your trip to Africa will be utterly amazing; there’s no doubt about that. However, a self-drive holiday gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. There are no time frames you need to stick to; you can discover this dreamy destination in your own time frame.

A self-drive holiday is a must-do for those who wish to explore at their own leisure.

Kayak the Nile

Kayaking, Uganda

Jinja, Uganda, is a town on the banks of the Nile that is gaining a reputation as the extreme sports capital of east Africa. This is, in part, thanks to the range of whitewater rapids on the nearby stretch of the river Nile. It is where Sam Ward (Team GB freestyle kayaking coach) and Emily Wall (two-time British champion) decided to set up their school, Kayak the Nile. “I have kayaked across five continents,” says Emily, “yet I’ve chosen to call the Nile home. The whitewater we have here is unique: not only are the rapids warm and deep (with no rocks or crocodiles), but the sun shines and the water flows all year round.”

Expedition days start on tranquil Bujagali Lake, a large expanse of picturesque flat water, with practice runs breaking in and out of fast-moving water before finally, with much trepidation, you kayak the churning grade-three rapid that is aptly named Jaws. This stretch of the river, with its selection of grade-five and grade-six rapids (not for learners) attracts adrenaline seekers from around the world. There are a number of reasons why Uganda is an amazing place to learn to whitewater kayak: average air temperatures of around 22C (which means shorts and T-shirts, not wetsuits), dam-controlled water (meaning you get a consistent run over the rapids) and plenty of routes to try. There really is something for everyone, regardless of ability or confidence level.

Mili Thakur