Amazing Places – Top 5 Most Beautiful Castles in the World


1. Burg Eltz Castle, Germany

Burg Eltz Adventure is one of the most wonderful mountain mansions on the planet due and it is so old that experts don`t know for sure which was the season in which it has been designed, but believe it was designed somewhere before the season of 1157. The Burg Eltz is a ancient Baroque design castle on the left of the Rhine between the places of Koblenz and Trier. It absolutely warrants a check out.

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2. Chillon Castle, Switzerland

The Chillon adventure is a Swiss edifice that was designed at the starting of the Twelfth millennium B.C. and created popular by British author Master Byron who had written the composition “The Captive of Chillon” in 1816. Chillon isone of the most wonderful mansions on the planet mainly because of its agreement on the coast of wonderful Lake Leacute man but also because of its awesome structure.

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3. Trakai Castle, Lithuania

Trakai Castle is an island castle situated on the beautiful Lake and it was one of the most important strategic buildings during the medieval times.


4. Mont St Michel Castle, France

Mont St Michel, known as after the little island upon which it was designed hundreds of years ago is located in the Normandy location of France and is present on UNESCO world heritage Websites. The outstanding settlement accumulates over 300 000 vacationers each season being one of the most frequented mansions in the globe.

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5. Isola di Loreto Castle, Italy

The Neo Gothic Castle situated on the Loreto Island of Lake Iseo is one of the most brilliant architectural pieces in the world. Even though it is a private property and it is not open for turism, The Loreto Island is worth seeing if you happen to be visiting somewhere close by. It is secluded and remote and definitely one of the most beautiful castles in the world

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