Axiory Launches Its Exclusive Exchange Listed Products Account – MT5 Alpha

Dubai, United Arab Emirates : Award-winning trading solutions provider and leading customer-centric forex brand, Axiory Global is happy to announce a great expansion to their product offering and introduce investors to a new chapter in Axiory’s ever-evolving journey. With the brand new Axiory MT5 Alpha account, investors can now invest in some of the world’s biggest exchange-listed products, buying stocks and ETFs straight from their account. Axiory’s MT5 Alpha gives people access to invest in more than 100 global stocks and ETFs, including Apple, Netflix, Ford, Pfizer, Google, Amazon, McDonald’s, Tesla, Walt Disney, Starbucks, Microsoft, Garmin, Alibaba, eBay, Mastercard, and many more.

“The Alpha account is the result of a very demanding collective effort to accomplish a very demanding goal: provide clients with access to exchange-traded instruments. There are moments in a company’s lifetime which are considered milestones, turning points that raise the Company to a greater level, and this is exactly what the new Alpha account means for Axiory,” said Axiory Global CEO, Roberto d’Ambrosio at the launch of Alpha.

Opening an MT5 Alpha account is as simple and user-friendly as opening any other Axiory account, and if someone is an existing client, they can do it from the ‘MyAxiory’ client zone within seconds. One can buy stocks through the MT5 multi-asset trading platform on desktop, mobile, and web; fund their account with all the available payment methods, and then simply choose the stocks and ETFs they want to invest in. With the release of the all-new MT5 Alpha account, both traders and investors can choose and combine five different account types on three world-leading trading platforms – MT5, MT4, and cTrader – to build a well-rounded investment strategy leveraging the various opportunities markets have to offer.

“We are committed to delivering valuable product offerings to our clients. CFDs trading is one part of their trading potential; in combination with exchange-traded stocks and ETFs, we’re helping our clients expand their portfolio and take advantage of different market opportunities,” said Axiory Global Marketing Director, Dominic Poynter.

A combination of buying stocks and trading CFD stocks can be an excellent source for wealth creation in the long term, and Axiory is laser-focused on helping its clients grow.  The launch of the brand-new Alpha account marks the beginning of multi-asset investments with Axiory, elevating Axiory Global from a CFDs broker to an investment firm.

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