Best Ten Fastest-Growing Tech Skills In The UK


Average technology salaries across the UK rose by 2% to £46,969 in 2015.Bonuses and contract rates also increased year-on-year, painting an overall positive picture for tech professionals as they enter 2016.

In the survey of 1,200 tech professionals and 200 tech recruiters, almost three fifths (59%) of tech workers in permanent employment earned higher salaries in 2015, while the number of people earning a six-figure salary doubled year-on-year.

The report also shows that bonuses are becoming more common in the tech industry. Almost half (47%) of permanent tech workers received a bonus in 2015, up from 43% in 2014, and 39% of survey respondents said they expect their bonus to increase this year.

A similar picture has been painted for tech contractors. Daily rates climbed 2% to £381 in 2015, and more than half (51%) had a pay rise in 2015 – compared to 38% in 2014.

Expectations for the future are looking positive across the board, as confidence in the sector continues to build. More than three fifths (62%) of permanent tech workers said they expect a salary increase at their next review – a year-on-year increase of 11%.Similarly, 60% of contract workers said they expect their pay to increase, an increase of 54% from 2014.


“Our report shows that permanent salaries and daily rates are steadily increasing, as demand for skilled tech talent continues to rise,” said Jamie Bowler. “All of the signals look positive, the talent shortage looks like it is having an impact on market rates, which reflects the positive outlook represented in latest market report.”

Best Ten fastest-growing tech skills in the UK and average salaries

1. React – £52,500

2. Docker – £57,500

3. Grunt – £45,000

4. Elasticsearch- £57,500

5. Ansible – £60,000

6. Scala – £62,500

7. Apache Cassandra – £62,500

8. Tableau – £50,000

9. RabbitMQ – £55,000

10. Twitter Bootstrap – £42,500

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