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Investment In Tokopedia May Be the Boost Indonesian Ecommerce Needs” (The Wall Street Journal)
“A $100 million investment in popular Indonesian online marketplace Tokopedia has been cheered by those in the company. But it could mean even more funding for similar startups, says Tokopedia CEO and co-founder William Tanuwijaya.”

“India’s Snapdeal Snaps Up $627M Led By SoftBank To Supercharge Its Marketplace” (TechCrunch)
“Snapdeal, founded four years ago as a marketplace for third party retailers in India to sell goods online, has raised an additional $627 million from SoftBank Internet and Media.”

“Stores Are Shunning Apple Pay, But They’ll Soon Change Their Minds” (Wired)
“Shutting out Apple and its user experience expertise isn’t about doing what’s best for customers. It’s about what retailers perceive to be best for their bottom lines.”

“Fitbit CEO: Smartwatches ‘Lack a Purpose’ Right Now” (Mashable)
“Fitbit may need to innovate sooner rather than later, but it appears that the company is staying open to new ideas while remaining focused on its core products until there’s more information about the direction the industry is taking.”

“Neiman Marcus Makes it Easier for Mobile Shoppers to Buy Items they Spot on the Street” (Internet Retailer)
“The company uses image-recognition software developer Slyce to provide the 3-D visual search technology that allows the shopper to take a picture of a shoe or a handbag and give her several similar options to purchase right away.”

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