BJP MLA Om Prakash hit out at Sisodia, saying that this budget is a budget of losses like last year


Pointing out the loopholes in Delhi budget announced by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday, BJP MLA Om Prakash Sharma, from Vishwas Nagar constituency, said that the budget is not farmer friendly.

“There was a provision of Rs 9 crore for farmers last year, which has been reduced to only Rs 7 crores this year,” he said in the Vidhan Sabha session on Wednesday.

Sharma also hit out at Sisodia, saying that this budget is a budget of losses like last year.

“Nothing concrete has been done till now when the budget for 2015-16 was presented. As many as 380 semi-floor buses and 500 buses were promised last year, but no new buses can be seen plying on the roads. Yamuna has not been cleaned, 20 colleges were promised which have not been opened, CCTV cameras in buses have not been installed. This government is completely futile,” alleged Sharma.


He also pointed out that there has not been any discussions on the implementation of Fourth Finance Commission.

“Nearly1800 unauthorized colonies were promised to become authorised. 1000 mohalla clinics were promised last year, only one mohalla clinic has been opened. Promises have not been fulfilled until now,” he added.

Sharma also highlighted that he does not consider giving subsidies an equivalent to development.

“Fifty-six percent of the total budget is for non-plan budget and 44 percent is plan budget. I believe, this 56 percent is for unnecessary expenditures and only 44 percent is of use because they haven’t even utilised 50 percent of the money from last year’s budget till now,” he added.

He said that the budget is against the traders as well because money allocation has been reduced from Rs 36 crore to Rs 31 crore this year.

He also pointed out that the AAP-led Delhi government is troubling the civic bodies. “The corporation had asked for Rs 547 crore from Delhi government, whereas they have allocated only Rs 507 crore to SDMC. Also, they should have allocated more sum of amount to EDMC,” he said.

He took a dig at CM Arvind Kejriwal by saying that money allocation for Delhi jails have been reduced from Rs 80 to Rs 72 crore, which was ‘much needed for your party’s politicians who are used to going to jails.’

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