Camel Bites Owner Head Off After Being Tied Up All Day During Heatwave


A camel attacked its owner and bites off his head, after being left out in the sweltering heat all day with its legs tied.

According to a report, a camel in Rajasthan’s Barmer district lost its composure, attacked its owner and severed his head, leading to the man’s death. 25 villagers attempted to restrain the camel for six hours but in vain.

Urjaram of Mangta village was entertaining guests at his house on Saturday night when he suddenly realised that his camel had been out in the heatwave all day with its legs tied. He was attacked when he tried to untie the annoyed animal.
“The animal lifted him by the neck and threw him on to the ground, chewed the body and severed the head,” said a villager. The villagers said the camel had attacked the man earlier too.


Temperatures in Rajasthan have soared during the summer, with the mercury touching record levels. Even Indian army personnel patrolling the border with Pakistan have had a tough time dealing with camels in the heat. Recently, a camel attempted to get a jawan off its back while rushing to the shade.

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