Bollywood Movie: Chal Bhaag Review

It’s not rocket science to gauge how much the film industry is obsessed with gangster movies. Some survive the test, most bite the dust. This week’s CHAL BHAAG brings together the essences of power and politics.

Majorly shot in Delhi and Mumbai, the film starts with a politician and his aides being bumped off in his car by a dreaded don’s three shooters, thus giving the cops a reason to be on their toes. Around the same time, Munna Supari [Deepak Dobriyal], Bunty [Tarun Bajaj] and Daler Singh [Varun Mehra] also get arrested for petty crimes. Due to the pressure of the don demanding the release of his three men, the police inspector frees the don’s men and replaces them with Munna, Bunty and Daler. The real story unfolds when this trio find themselves embroiled in a fake encounter plot.


CHAL BHAAG goes haywire right from the word go. The film has an interesting premise, but the director doesn’t have the grip on the plot and it shows in the film. The same goes for the film’s music. The songs are forced in the narrative to get the film going. The sole saving grace is its background score. The flaws could have been covered had the editing been razor-sharp.

Of the cast, it’s the versatile Deepak Dobriyal that steals the show. The same cannot be said for others including Varun Mehra and Tarun Bajaj, who have a long way to go in acting. Keeya Khanna hardly gets her place in the sun. Sanjay Mishra, Yashpal Sharma, Mukesh Tiwari and Manish Khanna deliver what’s expected from them.

On the whole, CHAL BHAAG is a dull fare.

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