Did Kenya Moore Date a One-Eyed African Married Preach

Who is the “One-Eyed African?” That’s the question on plenty of lips ever since Porsha Williams said that Kenya Moore was with a married preacher, a “one-eyed African,” as Porsha called him in the following video snipped from the first part of the reunion episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta that aired on Sunday, March 20.

Not since NeNe Leakes told Kim Zolciak to “close your legs to married men” has such a shocking allegation flown across the airwaves of another RHOA reunion show. Back then, the accusation sent viewers on a hunt for who Kim’s “Big Poppa” married sugar daddy could be. Now, RHOA fans are on a hunt to figure out who Porsha was talking about when she called Kenya’s alleged married boyfriend a “one-eyed African.”

Kenya Moore bragged about an African prince a couple of years back and Moore was seen in certain previous episodes of the reality show sporting a new car. The publication didn’t peg Moore’s boyfriend as an African prince, but a potentially very married African man and even published a photo of what Bossip claimed was the duo together.

African “prince” linked with Kenya was Nigerian billionaire Tonye Cole, who doesn’t appear to have only one eye in photos published therein. The same publication went on to recount older accusations of Kenya allegedly engaging in a relationship with a different married man who ended up breaking up their relationship after years together when his wife became pregnant with their second child.

They shared the same photo of Kenya and the African man, taken by a fan who caught Moore and the man at Harvard University. A screenshot of a tweet from Kenya ruminating over what she has or hasn’t done with her life accompanied the article. Moore wrote that she went to a gifted school, but somehow felt that she fell short as she sat on the Ivy League campus and experienced mixed emotions.


All of those married preacher and “one-eyed African” adultery accusations seem as if they are water under the bridge now that Kenya has been portrayed as happily coupled-up with her boyfriend and trainer, Matt, on recent episodes of the show. Whether Kenya and Matt are expecting a bundle of joy remains to be seen for future episodes.

Despite Kenya sparking pregnancy rumors once more because of Moore’s appearance on the reunion episode — wherein Kenya seemed to have gained weight — Kenya isn’t pregnant. The publication reports that Kenya has been undergoing IVF treatments at a fertility clinic in order to get pregnant.

Undergoing IVF treatments can cause weight gain, so it is possible that Kenya experienced a weight gain from other things besides pregnancy. On the show, Moore is known as a woman who is really into fitness, so much so that Moore spoke of creating an exercise video that compared her physique to that of a stallion. With her boyfriend being a personal trainer as well, Moore’s weight would likely remain in the realm where it has been for years. Kenya claims she weighed only 145 pounds in previous shows, unless Kenya was pregnant or doing IVF rounds.

On Twitter, however, people are tweeting that they want to know more about the married preacher called a “one-eyed African.”

In the above photo, Moore can be seen when Kenya showed up at an event titled “Ebony Magazine and Apple Celebrate Black Hollywood.” The event took place prior to the airing of the first part of the reunion show. Kenya was spotted at Neuehouse Hollywood on Saturday, February 27, a venue located in Los Angeles.