Dongfeng’s 2022 Overseas Dealer Conference Held in Wuhan

 On January 18th, the 2022 Dongfeng Overseas Dealer Conference with the theme of “DRIVE YOUR DREAMS” was held in Wuhan. More than 150 overseas distributors of Dongfeng from more than 60 countries and regions such as Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Egypt gathered online. Zhang Zutong, Vice President of Dongfeng, attended the meeting.

This conference summarized the achievements in 2021, deployed overseas marketing work in 2022, and released Dongfeng’s strategic plan for the next five years and overseas business plan.

In 2022, Dongfeng’s overseas business will focus on the goal of exporting 160,000 vehicles overseas, work with overseas distributors and partners to overcome various risks and challenges, firmly establish the concept of customer-centeredness, and continuously put Dongfeng’s high-quality and reliable products on the market.

In the past 2021, COVID-19 epidemic was repeated, global inflation intensified, raw material prices continued to rise, international logistics capacity was tight, and freight was soaring. Under the influence of multiple unfavorable factors such as severe impact on the automobile industry chain, Dongfeng still delivered 154,000 overseas exported vehicles (including complete sets of spare parts). For the first time, Dongfeng was at the export threshold of 100,000 vehicles, creating an all-time high in export, with an increase of 1.2 times year-on-year, realizing a good start of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

This conference commended distributors such as Chile CIDEF, Tunisia STE COMET, Vietnam Huanghui Investment and Service Co., Ltd. and Bolivia RODARIA LTDA. Among them, CIDEF, a Chilean distributor, seized the opportunity and reorganized its business during the market recovery period after the epidemic in 2021, with the annual order volume reaching 3,202 units and the terminal sales exceeding 200 units per month, showing an upward trend. Vietnam Huanghui Investment Service Co., Ltd. achieved challenging sales targets in 2021, successfully introduced three new products, laid a good foundation for new market development, actively cooperated with the development of local customers, and achieved batch transactions.

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