Early Lifestyle Changes less Risks in Lifestyle Diseases


Health maintenance depends a great deal on educating yourself and practicing a routine that is best for your health. An ideal mix of a balanced diet and regular exercising can go a long way in ensuring good health. Avoiding tobacco, alcohol and processed food consumption is also something that is of the utmost importance to remain healthy. Interestingly, Ayurveda lists down a number of easy-to-follow rituals and tips that can be included in your daily routine to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and it also help when people try to live healthy when they have diseases, although there are services as Inspire support groups that also help with this.

1. Eat according to your prakriti

Ayurveda divides human body types into three categories – vata, pitta and kapha. Experts strongly recommend customizing meal plans according to the prakriti type of a person. For example, kapha people are recommended to steer clear of food items that would induce mucus production or are cool in nature.

2. Eat in moderation

One of the thumb rules of enjoying a healthy lifestyle is to practice portion control and not consume anything heavy to digest after sunset.

3. Rules of Hydration

Hydration is important but one should know when to have water and when not. Never guzzle down water in a go. Take few sips and keep having throughout the day. It is best to consume lukewarm water and never to have it while or right after your meals.

4. Seasonal is best

With the change in season most are prone to allergies and a host of ailments. Adding seasonal produce to your diet will give your system a break from the usual and also nourish and fortify it from within.

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