“Eco Friendly” Hilton to be Built in Bariloche, Argentina


The Portuguese group IMOCOM presented its latest project in Argentina, a Hilton branded hotel in Bariloche (Patagonia) that was introduced as “eco friendly”. According to the company’s CEO, Hugo Canessa, the broad term refers to the hotel layout, which will blend with the mountain it’s located in to reduce visual impact, and the fact that during the building process and later in its operational phase, the hotel will have efficient use of energy and water and “proper management of soil and drainage.”

Besides the green talk, neighbors are concerned about the impact the building will have in this beautiful area. The fact that the hotel is placed in a mountain, is going to get water from the pristine and is surely disposing water nearby, are causes for worry even thou that the water system will be designed by drainage companies London professionals. el-casco-art-hotel

Green or greenwashing? Keep reading for more info and pictures.Background: why a Hilton in Bariloche

Bariloche is a city in the province of Rio Negro and one of the most important destinations of the Argentinean Patagonia. If this project gets the final approval from municipal authorities, the Hilton will be the first international hotel chain to have a base in this city.

The project is thought to be vital for the development of tourism in the area, which is why municipal and national authorities have given it thumbs up. The hotel will demand a 120 million USD investment and is expected to be open in 2011, adding 350 rooms and 240 houses with hotel service, three restaurants, two pools, a spa and a convention center for 2,000 people to the city.

Towns and cities in the south of Argentina have higher environmental awareness than Buenos Aires, and that is why the project for the hotel had to consider green actions and was presented as “eco friendly.”

Mili Thakur