Ellis Ross Anthony Anderson Warm Up For This Sunday BET Awards


The pressure and anticipation to have fun and watch world stars walk down the red carpet at the prestigious 2016 BET Awards this Sunday is in high gear. The hosts of the day, Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson have already staked a bootylicious surprise for their fans already.

“I just want to tell you people right now, I may have my ass out on the show,” he said, looking stone-faced serious.

Anderson assured us that he’s been doing squats to keep in form, and handed it off to Ross to explain how she’s been helping take care of Anderson’s booty.

“So, Anthony mentioned that he might do this and I was like well, we can’t have you with ashy or dry butt cheeks, so I was like I’m going to research what is the most appropriate way to make sure you are hydrated,” she said. And apparently she discovered lotion is not the way to go.

“You want to keep it, you know, spicy and fresh,” Ross said. “I’ve been checking out different kinds of butter and olive oils. Margarine is no good. We tried that.”


“There’s like fun things that we’re doing. Like funny things. Like comedy things. And if you take your clothes off you’re not going to put them back on,” the actress said with a laugh.

Hopefully that means we’ll be seeing some on-stage stripping, though it will be hard to top last year’s aerial stunts and unitards.

But we have full confidence in them. Ross and Anderson are the perfect couple on TV and an equally perfect pair to host the BET Awards for the second year in a row, the first hosts to ever do so.

And if a chance to peek at Anderson’s posterior isn’t enough of an incentive to tune in, both Ross and Anderson are nominated for two major awards for their roles in Black-ish: Anderson is up for Best Actor and Ross is nominated for Best Actress…”.

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