EU Bee Honey – Dubai campaign is a huge success!

A successful tasting promotion event was held on 8th December at 7.30 pm in AIRWERKS Café in Dubai, in the frame of the implementation of the EU financed campaign EU BEE HONEY, where consumers had the opportunity to directly taste the promoted European Bee Honey and discover the delicious flavors and superior quality. 

In the EU BEE HONEY, event dishes have been prepared by a talented chef using the European bee honey, produced by the European beekeepers who apply the highest European food safety and quality standards. The dishes aimed to highlight the inherent characteristics of European bee honey because as we know Europe is the most important producer of honey since beekeeping was one of the oldest forms of animal husbandry.

This European financed campaign was represented by 2 participants organizations, the Bulgarian Organic Foods LTD (BOF) Bulgaria as a coordinator and Beekeeping Cooperative of Thasos in Greece as a  Project Partner.

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