EXO-K members hopes Chinese unit leader Kris would be settled

EXO-K members expressed Sunday their hopes that the growing controversy surrounding the group‘s Chinese unit leader Kris would be settled soon.

“I would like to share this honor with EXO-M’s members,” EXO-K leader Suho said after the group won the top prize Sunday on “Inkigayo,” a weekly SBS music program.

“I hope you can feel my heart and know what‘s on my mind. Thank you, our fans,” he said in the acceptance speech on behalf of the K-pop boy band. But he did not elaborate on what was on his mind.

His comment came at a time when its Chinese subunit, EXO-M, is apparently in turmoil after Kris‘ unexpected move to launch a legal battle against the group‘s management agency, SM Entertainment.


EXO-M member Kris filed a lawsuit Thursday with the Seoul Central District Court, demanding the cancellation of his exclusive contract with the nation’s biggest talent agency.

The Chinese-born Canadian accused the company of treating him like “a machine part” or “an object of control,” without giving him the rewards he deserved.

EXO-K was ranked first on the show with their brand-new song “Overdose,” beating two other contenders — g.o.d with “The Lone Duckling” and Jung Gi-go with “Want U.”

EXO is composed of 12 members. It is divided into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, aimed at Korean and Chinese fans, respectively.

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