Finally We Will See ‘DeadPool’ Movie in 2016



Fox Greenlit the Deadpool Film for 2016 Release

X Men Origins-Wolverine was the first stand alone film for the popular superhero Logan aka The Wolverine. The film was a huge success and one of the numerous reasons the film become such success was the surprise ‘Deadpool’ factor. Action Hero Ryan Reynolds played the role of talkative mercenary Wade Wilson who later becomes a mutant named Deadpool. In the film he is portrayed as a villain who fights with Wolverine. Fans really liked Ryan reynolds’ portrayal of Deadpool and from then onwards began the endless talks of a standalone DeadPool Movie. Each year the hopes and rumor for Deadpool film increased far above expectations of Fox studios.

Finally after 6 years of waiting the Studio has finally announced that a stand alone Deadpool movie will hit theaters in February 2016. There is no news from Ryan reynolds side but it is expected that he will return to play the talkative and lovable superhero. After all it was Ryan Reynolds leaked testing clip from Marvel studios that broke the patience of fans and forced the studios to take quick decision. If you haven’t seen the clip here it is for you:
The clip was shot back in 2012 but it was leaked recently online. Fans loved the leaked teaser and since then the rumors for Deadpool film turned into a demand. Ever since DC entertainment and Warner Bros studio have started signing up various superheroes for their Justice league (Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam) it was a smart decision from Marvel and Fox studios to greenlit a deadpool film.

The script of Deadpool film was ready and under the wraps since 2012. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese wrote the script for Deadpool. They had earlier worked together for Zombieland. One reason that the Deadpool film was in state of limbo was because the studio wanted it to target more audience and demographics but the Deadpool character is often associated with dark,sarcastic humor and a #ell lot of violence. So the writers were asked to edit their script and get the PG-13 rating. Paul and Rhett were successful to write such script which was liked by the studios.

As far as the director is concerned rumors has it that Tim Miller will step in the shoes. The plot of the film is still unclear but Hugh Jackman has already showed interest in the film. So it would be no wonder if we see Wolverin in a cameo in the film (or may be in a secondary role).

The huge success of Guardians of the Galaxy has gained more trust of audience in the Marvel studios and has increased their confidence too. So as soon as the Deadpool film is greenlit fans are talking about a X-Force film. X-Force is a team of superheroes that has Wolverine and Deadpool as the members.