Four months on, Meerut auto drivers refuse to wear uniforms


Four months after the traffic police made it mandatory for auto drivers to wear grey uniforms, the latter just refuse to do so and are seen dressed up in plainclothes. Surprisingly, the police has so far just challaned one driver for not wearing uniform.
The instruction to wear uniform was issued on November 3 by SP traffic P K Tiwari. The objective behind the move was to ensure passenger safety and easy identification of such drivers.

“I know that the traffic police instructed us to wear a grey uniform, but we have not been provided with any money for this purpose. In fact, no particular shop has been assigned for the purpose,” said Dinesh Kumar, an auto driver.

The auto unions were also told to renew their number plates so that the vehicles in rural and urban areas can be easily distinguished. But no such rules are being followed in the city.

When TOI contacted SP traffic P K Tiwari, he said, “I am aware that the rules are not being followed at the ground level. In fact, hardly 20% of the auto drivers are following the rules. Challans will be issued to them wherein they will have to pay Rs 100 and even their vehicles will be seized.”

When asked if challans have been issued to auto drivers so far, Tiwari said, “No challans have been issued, but we will start issuing them soon.”

rajni sharma

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