Georgia State University Shooting: Two Shot One Arrested In Drug Deal

Two people have been shot and one person arrested after an attack at Georgia State University, according to police.Officers believe a student drug dealer shot another person outside the Piedmont North residence hall at around 9.30pm on Monday in a failed marijuana deal.

Police said the victim and the shooter were both transported to hospital following the attack. Witnesses report the victim was conscious and breathing, the condition of the shooter is unknown.Officers added that the people attempting to buy drugs are not believed to be students, while a third person is also facing charges. For drug related crime, visit official site and get help from criminal defense lawyer. For more information, then you can refer site.

The victim was able to jump a fence following the attack and make their way to campus police to inform them of the shooting. Images from the scene show a large number of students gathered around on the upper balcony levels of the Piedmont North building, which overlooks the crime scene.

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A man wearing tracksuit pants and a dark top was also pictured near the scene in handcuffs before being led away by officers.Student Cameron Byers told he heard arguing while walking back to his residence hall after class.He said: ‘I thought it was just regular stuff. Then I heard a gunshot and I turned around to see what was happening.’I went inside because it was a gunshot because I was kind of nervous so my friends started talking about it and cops started coming.’

Georgia State University Police was not immediately returned.On social media many students criticized GSU officials for apparently failing to issue an email warning about the shooting, and questioned whether they are being kept safe on campus.This is not the first time GSU students at staff have been involved in incidents with guns.

Back in March last year a GSU staff member was robbed at gunpoint at around 5.40am on Piedmont Avenue, close to the scene of today’s shooting.University records show that in December two GSU students were robbed at gunpoint in their home off-campus, while another armed robbery was reported near the campus library in January.Just two weeks later another two armed robberies were reported in the same location.

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