Gopala Gopala Movie Review



With all the hype and fan fare Gopala Gopala released today. This is movie coming with a big star. Multi Starer is not common in Telugu cinema. Someone like Pawan kalyan’s stature doing it is a big thing for the industry. Definetely this is a big day for the Industry.

Movie starts on a smooth note, intro of Venkatesh and Shriya Saran and their kid without much bangs. Venkatesh makes his introduction smooth and is established as an  atheist. He doesn’t believe in God but runs a God Shop. He sells their idols. He doesn’t believe in God but respects humanity and helps everyone who is in need. Shriya saran a die hard follower of God. Who always runs after temples. Krishnudu an assistant to Vekatesh who assists him in the shop. When their life is going smoothly, suddenly he criticizes God on stage and insults Posani Krishna Murali who is a So called follower of God but does all the wrong things in the name of God. He then curses Venkatesh that he would be destroyed if he doesn’t believe in God. But venkatesh’s fate makes him a person without a house. His House gets damaged in a Natural calamity and looses his livelihood. His is sunk in debt of 80 Lakhs. He doesn’t know what to do . Mithun Chakraborthy is also a Godman who does all the wrong things in the name of God. Now where ever Venkatesh Goes everyone say this is an act of God. Even the insurance company who was supposed to give him insurance has Rejected his appilication in the name of God. Insurance company says there is a clause in the agreement which says if there is an act of God no claim is possible, signed by Venkatesh. No Venkatesh doesn’t know what to do, he gets  thought of putting up a case against the God. He doesnt get any Lawyer to fight this case. Finally he manages to find a lawyer. Now his case is heard in court. Surprisingly court accepts the case. With all these incidents happening all the Godman are unhappy with the incidents happening, now they try to assassinate Venkatesh. Now come a Power packed entry by Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. After all these thigs even his wife Shriya leaves Venkatesh. So the rest is how Pawan kalyan influences Venkatesh in winning the case, and how Venkatesh helps in providing a holding hand and supporting many others in getting their claims is the whole story.

Victory Venkatesh as Gopal Rao is fantastic . He is memorable as an atheist. His timing needs no mention. His combo with Powerstar is just teary. Think this is the best combo we can see on screen. The chemistry between Both of them cant be matched. Full credit to everyone who suggested this combo. Shriya Saran makes a great comeback after her successful journey of Manam. She now realized that she has to do performance oriented roles than glamour roles hereafter.  After Manam this will be proved. She has limited space but filled her space pretty well. Now its the turn of our one and only Power Star Pawan Kalyan. The magic continues. I will require 3 hours to write about this great man. Am sure no else could fit in the role of God than Pawan. He is a real magic. Surprisingly he has a very limited space in the film but only person who people would accept for this role is Pawan Kalyan. Tow eyes wouldn’t be enough to see him as a God on screen. His dialogues are apt and punching and wouldn’t suit anyone else. This character has only Pawan Kalyan’s acceptance. Hats off to Pawan for accepting this  role and carrying it so well. After this film no doubt Pawan kalyan will be seen as God more than a religion. Posani Krishna Murali is just too good i must say. His screen presence is more than Pawan Kalyan’s and has more number of dialogues than him. He is just awesome. This will be a Before Gopala Gopala and after Gopala Gopala film for Posani no doubt. Mithun Charborthy is a real surprise in the film. His accent and modulations are well conceived. He is just awesome as a Godman. Rest others played their part really well. No actor has done badly.

Technically the film is brilliant. Cinematography is just perfect. Very colorful at places. Did justice to what ever ever he could. Story of the film is known as its a remake to Bollywood hit Oh My God. Screenplay is well handled by the Director. Dialogues are its strength. Pawan’s dialogues are well written which bounced perfected for Pawan. Only Pawan could say those dialogues. Direction is Good. though its a remake its very difficult to handle such subjects in Remakes. Kishore has done a perfect job. He has handled every department very well and did everything to do justice to everyone. He made sure even the fans accept the film. Credit must go to the director. Makers did a very good job. Though the production cost is not too high, makers made sure they don’t spend unnecessarily as there were superstars in the film. Now comes the man Anoop Rubens. Man who has plenty of success. His music is really melodious and gave some super numbers. The theme music is awesome and the Background score is just mind-blowing. Way to go Mr Anoop Rubens. Am a bit disappointed with the Graphics work of the film. Pre Interval scenes where Powerstar makes his entry to save Venkatesh should have been canned in a better way. CG is pretty disappointing. The chase is bit artificial. Overall CG is Good except for the pre interval part.

Goapala Gopala is a Good film for this Sankranthi. Its a very decent film, which has to be watched by everyone who believes in God and who doesn’t believe in God. This has a very strong message with a mix of proper commercial elements. Such subjects are rare in this Industry and should be watched to maximum extent when they come. Pawan kalyan fans will be happy with this but the sad point is they don’t see enough of Pawan in the movie and there is no mass songs in the film. But this movie is very situational and goes by what the story says keeping all the stardom of every actor aside. Pawan Kalyan is a true God and no one else could match his character better than him. He is only person i could think of for this character. A salute to the Man. Movie is a bit slow in parts which might disappoint a few. there are few lags here and there which can be avoided. Court scenes are well shot. dialogues are a plus. What ever the fate of Shankar’s “I” this film will remain in your heart. Don’t miss this film which is very rare in this industry.

Verdict – Gopala Gopala is a very Good watch, Pawan Kalyan fans will enjoy this God in a new Avtar. Don’t Miss Gopala Gopala for its message. Its a beautiful and a clean entertainer.

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