Hong Kong Coach Simon Cook Slams Oman Bowler Aamir Kaleem For Cowardly Act

Oman and and Hong Kong aren’t the first two countries that spring to mind when the term “cricketing powerhouse” is mentioned, but their match has still caused quite a stir.

Playing in an Asia Cup qualifying match — part of a process to determine who will join India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the full tournament beginning February 24 — Oman bowler Aamir Kaleem earnt the ire of Hong Kong coach Simon Cook.

The left arm spinner “Mankad-ed” Hong Kong batsman Mark Chapman in the ninth over of his team’s pursuit of Oman’s 5-180. He pulled out of his delivery stride and under-armed the ball into the stumps with Chapman clearly out of his ground, leaving the umpire with no choice but to give him out when Oman upheld their appeal. Cook was furious Kaleem had blatantly disregarded the spirit of the game. “Ultimately I think it’s a cowardly way out really. If you’re battling man against man out in the middle and you choose to go down that route to get a wicket and win the game, it’s not in the spirit of cricket and a pretty cowardly option. It’s disappointing for the game,” he added.


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