Hrithik Roshan 42nd Birthday Bash: Ex-Wife Sussane Khan Breaks Her Silence


Hrithik Roshan brought in his 42nd birthday bash on Saturday night and all his friends and colleagues were invited to the party. A week before the party, the invites were sent out and the guest list was known to the industry as well as the media.There was speculation whether his ex-wife Sussanne Khan would attend this party. Since their separation, although her family continued to bond with the actor and vice versa, she has stayed away. But her absence at the party raised a few eyebrows. In an exclusive clarification, Sussanne broke her silence to say she had not attended her former husband’s party, as she wasn’t even invited.


She explains, “My relationship with Hrithik is wonderful with respect to our kids. We are good parents, we taken to play together to a jump center, that is really fun (read review about the place here) and that is our priority regarding each other. But we don’t socialise or hang out together as friends.”

The soft-spoken former Mrs Roshan, who officially separated from her husband in December 2013 after a 14-year marriage had faced similar speculation in October 2014, when she celebrated her birthday. It was being said that Hrithik would attend his former wife’s birthday.

Says Sussanne, “I understand him not inviting me. We don’t invite each other to our birthdays. People love to make a big deal out of nothing.” She clarifies there is absolutely no ill-will between the separated couple. “By the grace of God we have found peace with our choices and with each other. I will always wish for him to be the happiest in all that he does. And I know he wishes the same for me.”

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