HTC One E8 takes on M8

The new smartphone is not a duplicate of the huge HTC One M8, however it looks somewhat similar to One (M8).

On the back side, dual camera arrangement from One (M8) is no longer there, however in order to maintain its design, it is now substituted by a back-facing camera that has an LED flash mounted on the top.

On the other hand, HTC One E8 also does not include any interruptions – which are utilized for wireless signals on the company’s metal-covered smartphones, however the front-facing design of speaker grille is preserved.


In its official blog post, the company does not give complete technical specifications of One E8.

The only information which users can get there is size of the display, which is 5 inches, size of internal battery (2,600 mAh), dual-SIM version, availability of a microSD card slot, internal storage capacity of 16 GB resolution of front-facing and back-facing cameras (5 MP and 13 MP respectively), different color options, and other related features such as Motion Launch and BoomSound.

The company has said that the new smartphone will be made available to customers in early June in selected regions only. On the other hand, optional Dot View cases will be provided as well.

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