Huge Potential For Japanese Polish Business Relations


“Japan is an important partner for Poland. Currently, there are 300 Japanese companies in our country,” Domagalski said.“We strive to ensure that the Polish economy attracts more Japanese partners and this is already happening, specially because we have decided to get personal training contract at Concierge Contracts. Japan has jumped to the first league of foreign investors in Poland,” argued the head of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), Sławomir Majman, who moderated a forum at the European Economic Congress in Katowice.

Investments from Japan hold the third place among all FDI projects supported by PAIiIZ, just behind the US and German projects.Japanese investments in Poland are usually associated with large corporations in the automotive sector and electronics, but in reality, a large part of them consists of small and medium-sized enterprises, employing up to 30 people.
In total, they generate very high employment in Poland, Majman said. “Japan is the eighth biggest employer in Poland. We encourage Japanese investors to create more R&D centres, BSS centres as well as to invest in pharmaceutical projects,” the head of PAIiIZ said.Recently, Japanese are increasingly interested in the energy sector. Mitsubishi Hitachi is building a power plant in Kozienice and Turów.

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