Importance Of Girls Education

Education plays a vital role in economic progress of a country. Without education, there is no chance for a country to survive, in fact, immigration rates has meant demand for English courses has increased. Our country has a low literacy rate. One of the primary causes of the low rate is the unwillingness of people to send their children, especially girls, to school. Many people have a rigid mindset and they think that sending to an English medium school means following the West. This is why many talented children remain deprived of quality education. This thinking has affected the lives of girls. Many girls are still not allowed to go to school or enroll in an IELTS tuition preparation course to learn English language. Some are not allowed to go for higher studies since in our country no education institution offering degree courses offers a separate campus for girls and boys.

People of a society which criticises interaction among boys and girls prefer not to send their daughters to school. Some parents opt for sending their children to madrassahs only. Students who have studied in madrassah cannot compete with the one who have studied in schools. The need of the hour is to explain these parents why it is important to create a balance between the two types of education. Both education institutions are equally important and children should be encouraged to study secondary english tuition as well.

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