Where Indore eats after midnight?


Indore is home to several professionals who work night shifts and also students who prefer studying in the dead of the night. And we all know that it’s not common to feel hungry while burning the midnight oil. Luckily, the city is replete with places that offer everything from a humble cup of tea to filling sandwiches, noodles and fresh fruit juice too. So popular are these eateries – some of which remain open all night – that even the cold winter has not reduced footfalls. If you too are looking to brave the cold and grab a quick bite, these are the places you should head to.
Samay Sandwich, 56 Dukaan


Open till: 1.30 am
Towards the extreme left of 56 Dukaan, lies a makeshift stall serving delicious sandwiches. Mukesh Badwania,the man behind the stall shares, “There are a number of BPOs within walking distance of 56 Dukaan. Many professionals from these offices come here for a snack post-midnight. Our sandwiches are quite popular and are priced between 40 and 100.”

Paritosh Verma, a regular at the stall who is working with a BPO shares, “Bonding and fighting over a piece of sandwich has become a daily routine. Amongst many cheese chutney sandwich and chocolate and malai club sandwich are my favourite.”
Coffee, 56 Dukaan

Open till: 1 am
The first coffee shop at the 56 Dukaan serves coffee till 1 am. Umesh Chouhan the owner of the shop shares, “Ever since the temperature has dipped, more people have started coming for coffee in the night. Our coffee is priced at `20 and is loved by both youngsters and elderly people as well. We usually wind up by 12.30 am, but if the crowd does not stop, we are open even till 1.30 am

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