iPhone tracker locates snatcher in Janakpuri


A thief who snatched an iPhone in Janakpuri that had a mobile tracker app installed in it was caught by its owner on Friday. The police have claimed to have worked out more than six cases of snatching and robbery after his arrest.

Nishant Verma, a businessman, had come out of his house to send a message around 10:15pm when the accused came on a black Scooty from behind, snatched the phone and fled. Verma rushed inside and switched on his iPad. He activated the tracker and started following it on his iPad. Verma then asked her wife to take over and left on his bike to follow him.

“He was on a call with his wife who was directing him which way to go. After Verma reached Pankha Road, he spotted a cop and roped him in for the chase. After 3.5km and half-an-hour later, the duo reached the Sagarpur traffic signal and the thief seemed to have vanished. However Verma’s wife insisted that the tracker was showing the location of the phone to be at the same place. Verma then spotted a black Scooty on which a man was sitting with his face muffled. The cop jumped off the bike and kicked the Scooty hard. The guy fell down and they pounced on him. He pleaded innocence but soon they found the phone on him. He was brought to the police station and arrested,” said Pushpendra Kumar, DCP west.

The accused was identified as Sandeep Kumar, 22. Police said that based on his revelations, they have solved more than six cases of snatching and robbery in the west Delhi area. “He is a wanted snatcher and has been involved in many cases of phone snatching. He told us that having spotted Verma standing outside his house, he passed him a few times to confirm the make of the phone. On his third round, he snatched the phone,” said Kumar.

Sandeep is a resident of Tilak Nagar and has studied up to Class XI. His father expired a few years back and mother is a housewife. He had told the police that he is working as a recovery agent for a power distribution company and gets paid Rs 9000 per month, an income he supplements with snatchings and robberies.

For tracking a stolen or a lost smartphone, it only needs to be turned on but no action is needed to be performed. Satellites and the GPS system within the cellphone are two basic necessities for successful tracking of a phone. as a GPS device can only receive signals but not send any. The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals, and these signals are then analyzed to determine the location of the cell phone.

A program called Global Positioning Tracking uses the concept of triangulation to calculate the location of the phone. A GPS device receives signals from the GPS satellites in order to trace the location. The location can be trace much accurately if the GPS can receive strong signals from three or more satellites.

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