Kamaal R Khan abuses Rishi Kapoor on twitter Kapoor gives befitting reply to KRKA

Kamaal R Khan is back to doing what he is best at – rant on Twitter for no reason. And this time his target was veteran actor – Rishi Kapoor – who chose to give a befitting response to the controversial man. Here’s what KRK tweeted:


This guy @chintskap has got more frustrated Coz his son has become Jimmy Shergill of Bollywood. So S Leela Ke Saath Honeymoon bhi waste gya.

He @chintskap drinks a litre alcohol evry night to take out his frustration n start tweeting bad abut ppl. This is why evn his son left him.

How can this guy @chintskap call others failure who asked his son to compromise with Sanjay Leela to become a Hero. Sharam Hai Toh Doob Mar.



Here’s how Kapoor responded:

This man is a failure in life. He tweets all garbage as he is a failed,flop actor. Avoid him, he is a fundamentalist

Reporting this to the Twitter officials for foul language


KRK has always had this habit of taking pot-shots at people and abusing them even without being provoked. And this time, he went overboard dragging the veteran actor into the picture! Khan has always made headlines for all wrong reasons. So, this is not surprising anymore.



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