Kedah Mufti Wants Abolish G25


It is better if the G25 group of prominent Malays is abolished, said Mufti of Kedah Muhamad Baderudin Ahmad today. In fact, he said, G25 members should repent and return to the true Islamic path based on the Al-Quran and sunnah after issuing a statement on how the members clearly contravened Allah’s law.
The G25 recently suggested that the Islamic authorities should stop punishing Muslims who committed the act of close proximity between different sexes (khalwat).

G25’s spokesperson, Noor Farida Ariffin, was reported as saying that Islam was a religion of justice, mercy and compassion; violating or intruding into another individual’s privacy was against it.
In response, the mufti said that although it involved an individual’s privacy, the offence did not only involve those who committed the act but also their families and society.

He said, “When a man and a woman are in close proximity, it will lead to immoral activity. What if it leads to the birth of an illegitimate child? What will happen to the child with illegitimate status?”


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