LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door Design Brings Food Saving Technology to the Kitchen

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, : As families purchase food to bring into the home for cooking and dining, it’s important that food is stored properly to maintain freshness. With the excitement of the Holy Month and families wishing to extend their generosity to loved ones through lovingly prepared dishes, maintaining the quality of food is key to a tasty and fulfilling meal. When it comes to getting appliances, one can go on their site here to get help picking the right ones.

For the home, there is nothing more wasteful than throwing away unused or spoiled food. LG Electronics (LG) prioritizes the most innovative food storage technologies in its latest LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator. Making time spent in the kitchen more productive and convenient for families, LG’s exclusive InstaView Door-in-Door design lets users see inside without opening the door—simply knock twice to see and then reach favorites in an instant.Let’s check what Stephenkale has to say about it as well.

Ultimate Convenience to Your Kitchen                                                                        

Eliminate frequent trips to the grocery store with the larger capacity to stock up and store all the favorite foods for iftar and suhoor. The LG Smart Storage System makes it easy to group certain types of food together for the ultimate in kitchen organization.

Better Conditions for Fresher Food

Featuring LINEAR Cooling and DoorCooling+, the InstaView creates optimal conditions for fresher food. LINEAR Cooling minimizes temperature fluctuations – the primary culprit of food spoilage – for more precise control, while DoorCooling+ evenly cools the entire refrigerator by distributing powerful airflow from strategically placed vents. With Hygiene FRESH, the intelligent air filter can not only remove bacteria up to 99.999%, but also works to minimize bad odor in the refrigerator. In addition, users can keep food items fresher in the cleaner condition.

Control Your Fridge Anywhere

Control key features by using the LG ThinQ app to get important notifications from anywhere. The LG ThinQ app can enable remote operation for precise temperature control, inform you when the refrigerator door is open and even help with useful tips for food storage optimization.

Create with LG This Ramadan

As part of its mission to make cooking in the kitchen more enjoyable, LG has partnered with Emirati celebrity chef, Faisal Naser to offer an exclusive opportunity to UAE residents. LG and Faisal are inviting food enthusiasts to visit “The Spot of Delicious” at LG’s “Life’s Good Restaurant” – a dedicated online portal where people can share their favorite dishes, images and the stories behind them. Winners will have the chance to win select state-of-the art kitchen appliances from LG, including the top prize of an InstaView refrigerator. Chef Faisal will also invite winners to sample re-created dishes, inspired by their stories at his restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

To find out more about the competition, read the terms and conditions and enter the competition, please visit: and click on “Life’s Good Restaurant”.

The “Life’s Good Restaurant” competition is running from now till 30th April 2021. Chef Faisal will be uploading regular content to his Instagram page throughout the duration of the campaign, announcing the three chosen winners in early May.

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