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We’ve all been there … hot and bothered in the changing-room worrying about how they fit, where they cling, and why don’t they look like they did on the hanger? Yes we’re talking about shopping for jeans and the good news is that there are some simple tips which can take a lot of the angst out of new season’s jean-buying. For instance:

• Choose the right shade. Dark denim is always flattering but if you go for a distressed wash, some subtle shading down the thighs will give the impression of lengthening your legs.

• Take heels shopping with you. There’s nothing worse than coming home with jeans which turn out to be unintentional ankle-grazers.

• Try out different styles and ask store staff for advice. There could be a new fit that really suits you – and these are some of the latest trendy styles:

HIGH-WAISTED are comfy statement jeans which come in flattering shades this season, while if you want something for both work and play look no further than the super skinny style, with its sleek sophisticated fitting.

A complete contrast is the Boyfriend, relaxed and baggy, yet fitting in the right places. Ideal if you want laid-back denim which sits low on the waist. And what about some dramatic skinny ripped jeans torn at knee and thigh and slightly distress-washed? Just the job for a woman with attitude! Pair with trainers and a sweater in the day and wear with heels on a night out.

And remember whatever style you choose, play down accessories and let your denim take the centrestage.

Wear what you like
Do you dress to please your man? Sadly we have to tell you that if you do, you could be wasting your time. For according to a new study at the UK’s Northumbria University, if you ask the average man what his loved one is wearing he will have to admit that he hasn’t the slightest idea. And that even applies to shoes. Is she wearing four-inch-high stilettos, flip-flops, Uggs or wellies? “Don’t ask me, mate,” says Mr Average. “But she looks great whatever she’s wearing…”

The same applies to clothes. When researchers asked men to describe the clothes their wives or girlfriends were wearing when they last saw them, less than 20 per cent could do so. A typical answer was: “She was in that green dress — or was it blue?”

Pressed to express a view on current fashion, most men said they disliked denim, except skinny jeans, hoped their ladies wouldn’t be seen dead in clogs or high-waisted tailored trousers and are not too keen on tights, jumpsuits, biker jackets and structured skirts, tweed coats and flats.

The good news is that as they won’t remember what you’re wearing anyway, five minutes after they’ve left the house, just wear what you like. If pressed, they’ll still say it looks great.

Shift is back
It’s 100 years old and making yet another comeback, scattering trendy rivals like the ruffle dress the maxi and the wrap, in confusion.

We’re talking about the shift dress. They were all over the YSL, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Burberry catwalks at the recent Fashion Weeks. We saw them in every colour of the rainbow plus black, with square and boat necks, capped sleeves and patch pockets but retaining that classic simplicity which makes them so special.

Plain colours work best so steer clearer of prints, particularly leopard, despite their being so trendy. If you’re not quite certain what a shift is, it’s simple and short, with a skirt which is either cut straight or with a narrow A-line. It’s usually sleeveless although you can find short and long-sleeve versions.

Trend alert
• Velvet is suddenly everywhere — in everything from slouchy shorts to jewel-coloured evening dresses velvet tuxedo streamlines your figure and satin-piped lapels draw attention from problem areas.

• Louis Vuitton has produced some scarves to die for. Alexa Chung has teamed her grey scarf with a Chanel bag, Sienna Miller wears hers with a funky hat and leather jacket and Shakira brings out her wild side with a leopard print version.

• The new season accessory has to be the bold fluffy scarf which will brighten any outfit. Wear it draped over one shoulder or wrapped around for the cosy look.

• Supersize your sleeves. They’ve been a street-style staple for ages but now jumpers and dresses with massively long sleeves are trickling on to the high street.

• Cobalt is all set to be the really trendy colour of the new season. From accessories to bright cover-ups it’s the one shade you can wear from top to toe.

• Update your two-piece suit by adding a colour-clashing contrast. For instance a navy and black outfit can be transformed by a cream roll-neck top and monochrome loafers.

• Make a statement on your denim jacket with appliqué and patches which can only be seen when you turn your back. DIY your own using pictures of your choice.

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