Latest Models Use LG’s Self-Lit Pixel Technology and New Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI Processor to Deliver Unrivalled Immersion and a Truly Personalized Experience

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — LG Electronics (LG) has today announced the availability of its latest industry-leading OLED televisions in the Gulf region – a flagship TV lineup upgraded with features such as a new OLED panel, greater color accuracy and contrast, an enhanced AI processor and redesigned webOS interface for an even more seamless end-user experience.

LG’s 2021 OLED TVs, spearheaded by the G1 and C1 series, represent the company’s most comprehensive range of OLED TVs to date, with exciting new models that build on the brand’s legacy of superior picture quality. LG’s latest G1 series features OLED evo, the next step in the evolution of OLED TV technology that delivers better luminosity for higher brightness and punchy images with amazing clarity, detail and realism.

A Range of Sizes Catering to Every Home

When it comes to the ultimate viewing experience of OLED, LG’s C1 series boasts a host of size options, including a 48-inch TV typically favored by gamers, to the all-new 83-inch model, offering a truly cinematic, full-screen experience from the comfort of home. Both the G1 and C1 OLED series are compatible with LG’s new Gallery Stand 1 – an attractive alternative to the sleek, flush-to-the-wall Gallery Design mount LG has previously pioneered.

Enhanced Processor and AI Control

Bringing the full experience together on the G1 and C1 OLED series is LG’s latest intelligent processor, the α (Alpha) 9 Gen 4 AI. The processor utilizes deep learning to enhance and upscale content on LG’s self-emissive displays. The new processor also features AI Picture Pro – recognizing onscreen objects such as faces and bodies and distinguishes between foregrounds and backgrounds, processing each object independently to make images more three-dimensional and lifelike. With its ability to detect content genre, the α9 Gen 4 processor further optimizes picture quality, the amount of light in scenes and ambient conditions in various viewing environments.

Additionally, the processor incorporates a new version of LG’s AI Sound Pro, which delivers two major additions for the 2021 OLED lineup. Virtual 5.1.2 surround sound up-mixing delivers an incredibly immersive audio experience via the TV’s built-in speakers, while Auto Volume Leveling ensures a consistent audio experience when switching between channels or streaming apps – the solution to an age-old problem of startling sound fluctuations when selecting content.

To offer an intuitive experience, LG’s G1 and C1 series OLED TVs also make use of the company’s upgraded webOS 6.0 smart TV platform. It features a redesigned home screen, as well as performance improvements to deliver faster access to apps, as well as easier content discovery and more personalized recommendations. In conjunction, LG’s improved Magic Remote features hot keys for popular content providers, making the experience of streaming and viewing content faster than ever before.

Voice-Activated Commands in Arabic and More

LG’s 2021 OLED TV lineup also features Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand voice-activated commands and questions in various languages, including English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian. The TVs understand context, eradicating the need to repeat a full command. For example, if wishing to check the temperature, users can ask, “What is the weather in Dubai?”. Rather than repeating the full sentence for another city, they can simply say, “And in Abu Dhabi?”. The same process applies when viewing content and wishing to know more about the soundtrack, an actor and more. In terms of Arabic functionality, the G1 and C1 series TVs understand not only standard Arabic dialect, but also Emirati, Saudi Arabian and Egyptian variations.

Local Pricing and Availability

  • LG 4K OLED TV – G1 Series
  • 65-inch model available from 9,999 AED
  • 77-inch model available from 18,999 AED
  • LG 4K OLED TV – C1 Series
  • 48-inch model available from 5,299 AED
  • 55-inch model available from 5,699 AED
  • 65-inch model available from 9,499 AED
  • 77-inch model available from 17,999 AED
  • 83-inch model available from 27,999 AED

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