Lumen Metabolic Health Device Now Peer-reviewed

NEW YORK : Lumen , a health tech company and the creators of the world’s first portable metabolism measurement device, has officially been peer-reviewed and published in the Interactive Journal of Medical Research (I-JMR). In collaboration with San Francisco State University, Lumen has validated an ongoing study launched in 2020, which shows the validity of Lumen® to detect changes in metabolic fuel utilization in a comparable manner with a laboratory standard metabolic cart, providing the ability for real-time metabolic information for users under any circumstances.

Developed through years of scientific testing and validation, Lumen is the first handheld, portable device and app that measures your metabolism in real-time with just your breath.

The methodology behind the peer-reviewed validation of Lumen

The study compares the metabolic fuel measurement capabilities of the Lumen device to the gold standard measurement of metabolic carts. These measure the carbon dioxide and oxygen produced from the breath in order to assess metabolic fuel usage (carbohydrates vs. fats). Metabolic carts are known to be costly and only available to the public in laboratory settings.

Lumen has made metabolic testing accessible as the only handheld device available to measure your metabolism from home via the CO2 exhaled from the breath.

“We are thrilled the scientific community recognizes Lumen’s ability to measure metabolic fuel utilization as effectively as the metabolic cart. This is groundbreaking because now metabolism measurement is accessible to all from home, rather than relying on solutions that are costly or time-consuming,” says Dr. Shlomo Yeshurun , Head of Research at Lumen.

Results using Lumen and the metabolic cart with young, healthy participants

Participants were young and healthy adults that measured their metabolism at a resting state and in two conditions: fasted and after consuming 150 grams of glucose.

Together with the values obtained from the metabolic cart and data from the Lumen device, changes in metabolic fuel usage were identified.

Both the RER and Lumen CO2 percentage increased significantly after glucose was consumed compared to the fasting state.

Another impactful result indicated that Lumen is in agreement with the gold-standard metabolic cart.


Lumen has the capability to provide accurate information regarding the metabolic state of individuals in agreement with results from the metabolic cart. For the first time, metabolic measurements can be performed from home without the constraints of a laboratory. What was once available only to athletes and medical professionals is now available to all consumers choosing the path to metabolic health.

Lumen plans to continue pioneering metabolic technology, data and knowledge through groundbreaking research and innovative technology to help people achieve optimal health.

The research behind metabolic flexibility

Research (Calcada et al, Gormsen et al) finds that having a flexible metabolism has a profound role in assessing a person’s long-term health. People with good metabolic flexibility:

  • Are at lower risk of developing obesity, diabetes and metabolic disorders.
  • Are in a better position to gain muscle and perform better during workouts;
  • Find it easier to lose weight and maintain it

About Lumen

Lumen helps people improve their health and fitness through technology on the forefront of personalized nutrition and metabolism. Conceived and designed by twin sisters, physiology PhDs and Ironman winners, Lumen harnesses the power of our breath to measure metabolism, which is closely linked to weight, fitness and personal health. The Lumen device measures metabolism in a single breath, in less than a minute, which previously was only possible through an hour-long lab test. Available at, Lumen devices ship globally, with the app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Lumen is headquartered in Israel, with offices in the United States.

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