Madirakshi Mundle Of ‘Siya Ke Ram’ Is Actually Married In Real Life!


Of late, we have come across quite interesting things about the personal life of our favourite celebs from Bollywood as well as telly world. While some stories have shocked us, some made us happy and some surprised the hell out of us.

The stunning celeb in question this time is Madirakshi Mundle aka Sita from Siya Ke Ram.

Though the actress plays the role of Sita in the mythological show, but did you know that pretty damsel is married in real life? Shocking, right?

We were too when we read an article published on an online portal that stated that Madirakshi is actually a very happily married woman in real life. Though we don’t have any details of her husband and family, but we are really happy for her.

Having read about her, it just struck us that maybe celebs are not comfortable sharing their marital status with the media or fans. And we can say this because we reported a similar story few days ago.

Interestingly, it was the story of another popular TV actress, Roop Durgapal, who also hid the fact that she was married.

Well, we are not sure why popular celebs (be it from Bollywood or the telly world) are not okay divulging something personal like their marital status.

But given their profession, we would like to give them the benefit of doubt, because after all, it’s their choice to make their marriage public or not.