Malawian Fashion Designer Lilly Alfonso in Demand


I draw on the African Voices series on CNN to journey into a continent I’ve traveled to just once, so far, and to learn about its countries and people.
Nicknamed “The Warm Heart of Africa,” Malawi is just a sliver of a country in southeastern Africa. It is not a well-to-do country, and its government relies on outside help to run the country and take care of its people. The tiny beats of that heart don’t beat for very long, as there is high infant mortality, and the more voluble beats don’t last for very long, either, as life expectancy is low. Nevertheless, the sounds of that warm heart steadily grow stronger, in step with improving economics, education and healthcare.


Enter, Lilly Alfonso.

Alfonso is demure about her passion and talent for fashion, but she is not weak at heart. She has tinkered with fashion, since she was a little girl, but it was only in 2010 that she accepted the sobriquet of designer. She has an eye for color and design, even rhythm and motion, which, to my own uninitiated eyes, echo those of African art culture.

There is increasingly interest and demand for her fashion, and greater exposures at shows in London, Barcelona and Paris.

Sylvia Lohan

Fashion and photography addict, interested in languages, culture, traveling and all-things-beautiful.