Malawian man dies after having sex with a prostitute


A 20 year-old man in Blantyre identified as Harineck Chingowo has died after having sex with a 14 year-old prostitute who had just carried out an abortion. The man died in the wee hours of Saturday due to sexual activities he had on Wednesday with a woman who had had an abortion.

The man started having severe back pain while his navel and testicles started changing colour. The source said Chingowo started feeling the pains just after sex. “Actually the deceased slept with the prostitute on 23rd December. Just after intercourse people asked him why he was failing to walk. He lied that he hit his leg on something. He was identified dead in the morning,” he stated.

Before his death, Chingowo revealed to one of his relatives that he had slept with a sex worker who is on the run now. He added that he was a regular customer for the sex worker.

In her remarks, Mzuzu University 4th year Nursing student Wezie Banda said women who have done unsafe abortion whose result can be septic and are dangerous if they have unprotected sex with a man. Although medical literature does not directly support the fact that someone can die if involved sexually with such a person, in some way there is a sensible connection.

She explained: “Someone involved sexually with such a woman usually die. It can be suggested that there is transfer of infections from the woman’s vagina to the man’s system since in most cases the infections stays in such specific areas before entering the bloodstream to become a systemic reaction. An unsafe abortion which is the termination of a pregnancy by people lacking skills or in an environment lacking minimal medical standards or both, can be life -threatening.” Police say in 2014 there were two similar deaths while this year there has been only one. Chingowo hailed from Group Village Head Nathoka, Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre.


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