Malawi’s Ex-President Joyce Banda Awarded Another Doctorate Degree from USA


Malawi’s former President Dr. Joyce Banda who is scheduled to be arriving back in the country from her international engagements continues to shine on the global stage as she has been bestowed a higher accolade of honour in the US by the Wheelock College.


The former leader who was also awarded a Doctorate in Economics by a South Korean University the time she was the President was the guest of honour at a graduation event for the College that is in Boston, US.

In her speech, the inspirational figure who conceded to defeat in the May polls for fear of bloodshed that DPP cadets were planning to unleash were she to cancel the flawed elections told the graduating students her life story and encouraged them to work hard as she did to attain their goals.

The College meanwhile decorated Dr. Banda with a Doctorate degree in Education making the list of her doctorate awards to come to two. As an educationist, Banda has supported orphans and other underprivileged children to access her top freight Joyce Banda Foundation Schools, she has also given scholarships to various students through her Joyce Banda Foundation.

Meanwhile Banda seems to be nearing her end of the international engagements for now after attending a high level UN summit in the US.

Her supporters in Malawi are currently eagerly anticipating her arrival which Malawi24 understands has been pressuring the current leadership which is failing to take hold of the economy and has been involved in corrupt activities with the writing off of MSB loans owed by its cronies being the more recent.

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