Malaysia spearheads sustainable development in Kenaf Industry At Expo 2020 Dubai

National Kenaf and Tobacco Board (NKTB) with two kenaf based companies, namely Kenaf Ventures Global Sdn. Bhd. and Vertex Central Industries Sdn. Bhd. were among the participants of the Sustainable Agricommodity Week hosted by the Malaysia Pavilion  at Expo 2020 Dubai to promote sustainable non-food agricommodities recently.

The programme showcased Malaysia’s journey, efforts and commitment in developing kenaf as a green fiber based industry including through research and development programme, policies and smart practices to improve both quality and production and promotion of sustainablity along the value chain (upstream, midstream and downstream) while at the same time uplift the livelihood of small scale farmers.

Among the highlights of the week involving the kenaf sector were the signing of  six Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) between Kenaf Ventures Global Sdn. Bhd. with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), 3 universities (Britain’s University of Portsmouth and University of Bangor, and Germany’s OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts), the National Development Planning (Bappenas) of the Republic of Indonesia and Vertex Central Industries Sdn Bhd.

The main focus of these MoUs is to forge cooperation in the advancement of technology, research, and development especially on the advancement of kenaf industry towards Industry 4.0 and Agricultural 4.0, finance cum investment and production of sustainable resource-based construction products, producing new products derived from kenaf and nurturing sustainability at a greater height.

Kenaf has numerous potentials in various industries such as building materials for construction, biocomposites, textiles, and many more. The virtuous source of high and improved quality cordage fiber can be processed into a variety of goods such as fiber and particle boards, fiber-reinforced plastic components, pulp and paper, chemical absorbents, and many others.

These high-value products have been commercialised by Malaysia and the expo has been a high-impact platform for the expansion of green fiber-based and sustainable products globally.

The sector’s participation in the global expo provides a huge impact to the industry by:

  1. Developing and strengthening cooperation/collaboration between foreign and local industries in fiber-based industries;
  2. Creating new demand for kenaf-based product to be used in the existing industries or any new segments with great potential;
  3. Integrating the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into kenaf development plan, policies and technology; and
  4. Market expansion/reach by leveraging the global supply chain, smart and sustainable industrial management and industrial revolution via technology/technical exchange.

NKTB will continously emphasise on implementing numerous programmes and initiatives to empower the industry. It is crucial for the industry to remain competitive and sustainable as well as generate income and benefit to  stakeholders and the nation. Interested party are welcome to reach the NKTB through its official website at or its social media channels (facebook, instagram or twitter).

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