Man fakes his own death to get rid of his wife


A man went to great length to get rid of his wife, going to the extent of faking his own death. In fact, the wife even came all the way from Uttarakhand to collect his autopsy report. However, she came to know that it was a hoax call that he had made and somehow procured a death certificate.

The woman, a resident of Danya block in Almora district, was married to Harish Pal, from a nearby village few years back. The woman and her children remained in their native village while the husband ran a canteen at PAC Battalion Bareilly.

Few days back she received information that her husband had died in a road accident in Bareilly on December 22. The caller, claiming to be Ravindra, a Bareilly resident, broke the news to the woman’s neighbour on his mobile phone, who in turn informed her. The shocked woman sought help from cops in Almora, who contacted the incharge at Bareilly Kotwali, requesting them to help the woman as she rushed to Bareilly.


Kotwali police station checked the crime register of December 22 but there was no mention of any accident at Chopla crossing, as mentioned by the caller or victim Harish Pal. The cops also checked the crime register of days before and after December 22 but failed to find any details provided by the woman.

Sensing foul play, they immediately contacted the staff at PAC Battalion, who informed that Pal was having an affair with a local woman, who also helped him in running the canteen. However, both had been removed from the canteen by concerned authorities few days back.

It was then that cops called the mobile number from which the call was made to the woman’s neighbour. “Once the person picked up the phone, the woman immediately recognized the voice as that of her husband. However, he abruptly snapped the conversation,” cops said.

“It was then that the woman headed straight to her husband’s house near PAC Batallion and caught him red handed in the company of his lover who he had allegedly married,” said Inspector, Kotwali, Sudhir Pal Dhama. “The wife did not press any further charges against the man and took him with her to their native place in Almora,” he said.

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