Man Suspected Of Hacking Into Celebrities Social Media Accounts


Police served a further arrest warrant Wednesday on a 29-year-old man suspected of repeatedly accessing the Facebook and iCloud accounts of celebrities without authorization.

Daichi Kaneko, who was initially arrested last month over a separate unlawful access case, allegedly logged-in a total of 236 times to the social networking service accounts of five celebrities, including actresses Masami Nagasawa and Emi Takei, and another woman between August 2014 and November 2015.

The police found Kaneko’s personal computer contained about 1,000 IDs and passwords as well as private images of other people posted on networking services, they said.


The company employee in Nagasaki Prefecture has told investigators he yearned to be a hacker and wanted to enjoy the sense of achievement by taking over other people’s accounts, according to the police.

Investigators believe Kaneko gained access to the accounts by guessing their passwords from names and birthdates.

Kaneko’s case emerged when investigators were analyzing access records in a probe into an alleged unlawful access by another man arrested in November.

The police arrested Kaneko in late April on suspicion of unlawfully accessing a woman’s Facebook page.

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