Mayoral trading cards, collect them all!



In the season of elections, a lot of propaganda goes on. Treating campaigns like a talent show, some mayors sing, some dance, hoping to steal the attention and thus the vote of district residents. Public figures however run the risk of becoming the punch line of a joke, or the image of the latest meme.

Susana Villarán, Mayor of Lima, is now available in trading card form. As depicted on The Guardian (the news source misspells her name, but we´ll forgive them for that), the candidate up for re-election has a special power of “knowing stuff” due to having been a teacher.

It is difficult to decide if the first woman elected as Lima´s mayor has a greater power than that of Moscow´s Sergey Sobyanin. According to the site, his special power is the ability to “roll a tube,” for obvious reasons of having worked in a tube-rolling factory.

Check out the rest of the entertaining set of cards here (Villarán appears near the bottom of the page), and let us know: If you could design a trading card, what Peruvian figure would you choose, and what would you grant them as a special power?

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