Meet Sibahle Zwane, The 10-Year-Old South African Who’s Better Than a Calculator


Dealing with numbers can be an onerous task for a lot of people. Numbers give others a torrid time, and they absolutely detest doing anything that involves the calculation of numbers. But the fact is we all live in a world where we have to conform to the issue of having to calculate a lot of numbers.

But for Sibahle Zwane, this is an easy thing for him. His sheer passion with numbers transcend the barriers which other children of his age cannot. Being only ten, Sibahle Zwane can calculate numbers just from his head. It’s a special, unique and extraordinary gift he has. Numbers are just too easy for him. And because of that, he easily is a human calculator. For his age, better than a calculator.

Sibahle Zwane is a grade 4 math genius who has a special ability of working out huge numbers just from his head. He has exploited this amazing talent to create some money – he might as well become a very proficient businessman. He goes around the Lehae neighbourhood near Lenasia making a quick buck from mesmerized strangers.

Videos of Sibahle Zwane exhibiting his special skills surfaced on social media, and even his mother, Mbali Zwane, was surprised. Watching videos of her son trending on Facebook making money from his math skills greatly surprised her.

“I couldn’t believe he was doing this. One man sought my permission before posting it. Sibahle tells me he goes to the park, asks random strangers if they know their maths. And then he says ‘well ask me’. When they throw big numbers at him – whether to add, subtract, multiply – he gets the answer spot on.”

According to Sowetan Live, Sibahle Zwane charges R2 for every correct answer. Mbali Zwane said, “I’ve seen this boy come home with R100 or R200 notes which he then gives to his grandfather to keep for him.” That is how the young genius is remarkably brilliant.

As a human being, he obviously has some moments he may take a bit long to calculate the numbers, but he just gets the answers correct. He says that he does not really know how he has such a unique gift. “I just see the numbers in my head. I like numbers more than anything else,” said Sibahle adding he hopes to become a pilot one day. He says he gets lazy doing other things but with numbers, it’s flow-less, and flawless too.

His mother has hopes that Sibahle’s skills will take him somewhere, one day. “If I had the means, I would send him to a place where they will be able to help him nurture this gift. I have applied for scholarships and hope something positive happens,” she said.

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