Metal Sculpture the Solid Imagination


Sculptures that inspire and use metal as the main element or use a contrast of hard and soft.

What I Like (WIL): I am a big fan of Steam-punk items and art that makes use of found objects to create something else.

Larry Griffis, Flame Blossom

WIL: The design is simple, and the intertwining gives it an organic feel which adds a certain softness.

Robert Sanarbria, Double eagle


WIL: The colorful streaks of metal gives the artwork a soft kind of texture while implying the flow of the wave at the same time. The intricate details on the tip of the wave are like the shadow of leaves and it is random and precise at the same time.

David Boyajian, Silver Lining, 2006


Sylvia Lohan

Fashion and photography addict, interested in languages, culture, traveling and all-things-beautiful.