Miss Mokokchung 2015: Mokokchung Arts Aesthetic Management Starts buffet as curtain raiser

In commemoration of 125 years celebration of Mokokchung town, the Mokokchung Arts & Aesthetic Management (MAAM) is all set to organize the Miss Mokokchung 2015 under the aegis of the Mokokchung District Arts & Culture Council (MDACC).

This year’s edition of the annual beauty contest will be held in a bigger and better way because this Miss Mokokchung 2015 is not only a part of the Mokokchung town quasquicentennial celebration but also a part of celebrating womanhood – the beauty and intellect of the Mokokchung females through the 125 years of existence of Mokokchung town.

The Mokokchung Arts & Aesthetic Management (MAAM), which comprises of concerned citizens of the town, is a government registered organization, which has been formed with the motto ‘transformation of youth and women’ and is focused on doing philanthropic activities in the society.

In accordance with the motto, the vision and aspirations, the MAAM organized the Miss Mokokchung 2014, and true to its philanthropic undertaking, the MAAM donated the proceeds from the beauty contest to the poor cancer patients being treated at Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH).
This year too, the MAAM will be organizing the Miss Mokokchung 2015 under the aegis of MDACC, and as a curtain raiser MAAM is organizing a buffet for the food-lovers. All the proceeds from the buffet will be used for organizing the Miss Mokokchung 2015. The buffet is just the starting point.

“We have had a great experience last year. We are still overwhelmed at the support received from different quarters – from the government agencies, the NGOs, the business houses etc. We are grateful to them and because of their support the 2014 beauty pageant was a grand success. This year too, we want to give the best to the people, and we want to do it without having to burden them again, so we are organizing this buffet,” said Asola Ozüküm President of MAAM. She, however, said that sponsorships from well-wishers, business houses and any willing partner are always welcome towards the Miss Mokokchung 2015 beauty contest.

The September 22nd buffet will have something for everyone. While experienced chief will offer different kinds of dishes; the main attraction will be the barbecue stands where participants will have the opportunity to ‘do it on their own’ barbeque.

The MAAM has solicited all the food lovers of Mokokchung to join in the buffet since it is not only about food but also contribution towards a noble cause, towards promotion of beauty and talent of the young aspirants in the society. So come be a part of the grand buffet and give something towards the ‘transformation of youth and women’ in the society.




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