Most Horrible Cosmetic Surgery Disasters in the World

Jocelyn Wildenstein, Michael Jackson, Pete Burns and so on are named comestic surgery addicts. They are truly examples of horrible cosmetic surgery disaster in the world.

One among the most horrible cosmetic surgery disasters in the world is Hang Mioku, the Korean plastic surgery addict. This 48-year-old woman had the first plastic surgery procedure when she was 28 years old. Mioku became so addicted to plastic surgery that she injected cooking oil into her face after surgeons refused to do any more work on her.
Hang Mioku has been featured on Korean TV. Therefore, she received a lot of donations from TV viewers who helped to enable her to have surgery in order to reduce the side of her face. After several sessions, Mioku’s face was greatly reduced but still scarred and disfigured.

The King of Pop Michael Jackson was a man with an absolutely normal face in the 70s and 80s. However, his face was totally changed due to surgery procedures. The star is rumored to have had over ten nose surgeries in his life.
Dennis Avner was more famous with his name “Catman”. He has undergone various incredible surgeries to change the shape of his face as well as his teeth in order to make them look more like a tiger’s.

In the late 70s, Jocelyn Wildenstein was in the list of beautiful women. She tied the knot with a handsome guy and was a fresh-face mother of two. Catching husband in bed with a 21-year-old Russian model, Wildenstein decided to win back her husband’s love by making herself more beautiful by doing some works on her face.

Although Jocelyn Wildenstein spent almost $4 million on cosmetic surgery over the years, her husband didn’t come back. In addition, Wildenstein was mentioned as one of the worst and most famous disasters of plastic surgery addiction.

Lip injections, cheek implants and nose re-shapings and so on have made the face of Pete Burns, the founder of the band Dead or Alive in 1980, become uglier and uglier. The singer revealed that he had spent almost all of his life savings on reconstructive surgery.

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