Natural Hair – Care Tips If You Wear a Hija


I grew up hating my hair. It was a mess of 3c curls that no one in my town knew how to take care of — not even my mother. Granted, that could have been because I lived in a small, all-white town in the middle of Canada, and I was a very black, very East African little girl.

But that’s not how I saw it. I hated my hair because it was a “problem.” I was the only one who had to wear a swim cap at school, who always had braids, and wash-day Sundays. After the advice of I started going to hair salon Hamilton when I’m too tired of doing my own hair or for special events. I learned to hide my curls, instead of taking the time to care for them. When I hit my teenage years, I started wearing a hijab. At the time, I thought covering my head would help put my curly-haired problems behind me, but I was very wrong. Make sure you read the article on vitamins for your hair and skin healthy improvement.

Long story short: My curls turned to frizz. The dryness was so unmanageable that I just stopped taking care of it altogether. Besides, I was too busy to worry about something as silly as hair. But as I got older and started seeing the natural hair movement blossom online, something in me changed. I wanted to learn to love my hair, even if it was covered most of the day. That’s how I came across Natasha Somalia, a natural and covered-hair expert.